September 11th photos and eyewitness accounts of the WTC and Pentagon bombings  SEP 11 2001

Note: Many of these links are broken. One of these days, I'm going to clean them up as much as I can. -jkottke, 5/27/02

Some reports from the scene, in NY:

- eyewitness video of 2nd plane crashing into WTC
(fast mirror @ apple, mirror01, mirror02, mirror03, mirror04 (de))

- First-hand photos of someone fleeing the WTC and the aftermath. Amazing stuff.

- Video of the second plane crash (if you look carefully, you can see the plane approaching from the left)

- eerie time lapse of both towers burning and collapsing

- photo of plane just before it hit WTC #2

- amazing photo of second plane crash taken by an amateur photographer
- some photos on Ultradio (almost artistic)
- Blogger search for "World Trade"
- Sara Schwittek (pix)
- Poignant cartoon by Tom Tomorrow
- Super Hyper Demon Child (scroll for pix)
- MetaFilter thread (w/pix)
- some pictures of tower collapsing
- Planet Kevin (pix)
- Animus Rex (pix)
- John C. Glass (pix, especially this and this)
- The Fine Line (text and pix)
- Like an orb (pix)
- Steve Riskus (pix in DC seconds after the Pentagon crash)
- Lackadaisical (pix)
- Lightning Field (w/pix)
- toothpickgirl (w/pix)
- guns media (pix)
- wireless NY (pix)
- Place Name Here (pix)
- Before pictures of the WTC by Dale Sorenson (pix)
- Missing Pieces @ {fray}.
- Lots of first-hand accounts on this Slashdot thread
- lots of stories from
- potkettleblack in DC
- Brian Bernstein (in-building acct.)
- The Tin Man
- Netwert IdeaPad
- Exegesis
- Dirt Dirt
- in DC
- CamWorld
- pic on momus
- Michelle in DC
- Saranwarp
- Mr. Barrett
- Q Daily News
- World New York
- bgirl

Misc. Stuff

- Some links about talking to children about crisis and trauma
- lots of video from the day (very fast and high bandwidth connection)
- Check to see if people are OK in NY
- A chronology of what happened from CNN
- a design piece from testpilotcollective
- Tara has a resource page up at Research Buzz

Some personal thoughts (I want to get these down to read later):

- I have no context for this. Challenger times 1000. Comparable to Pearl Harbor, but I didn't live thru that.

- All this talk of America vs. the world by our politicians is making me sick and uneasy. This is a human issue, not an American, democracy, or a freedom issue. Someone attacked us all, all of us on the Good Earth.

- I'm so scared right now. I don't want to hear any reports of Americans grabbing the nearest Arab and beating the crap out of him or her. Don't do it. Please.

- Some people cope by hearing and distributing information in a crisis. I'm one of those people, I guess. Makes me feel like I'm doing something useful for those that can't do anything. Or something.

- I'm planning on travelling by air twice in the next month, one flight overseas. I'm not so sure now.

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