My webcam eye and my baboon heart

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 10, 2002

Not a lot to say about it this morning with 50 other things to do after a relaxing/stressful weekend in the wilderness, but yes, that's me in the NY Times this morning with a webcam eye. Ok, maybe a few quick things:

1. One quote from me which didn't make it into the piece was "the more, the merrier".

2. Tools are important. So is the format. It's not as important as what people use them for, but tools and formats shape the environment in which they are used.

3. Most webloggers (75%+ at least, in my estimation) are not tech bloggers or warbloggers. They're just the ones that get all the press. LiveJournal has hundreds of thousands of members, a tiny fraction of whom talk about technology or current events. Out of the "10 most recently published blogs" on blogger.com right now, none are tech blogs or warblogs.