Coming full circle via the downward spiral

posted by Jason Kottke   Jul 25, 2002

Jack Saturn wants his old Pyra customer support job back even though they haven’t paid him the money they owe him from the first time around:

“i contacted the CEO a few times in the few months after i was laid off, asking him when (if ever) i’d get my money. he told me about all the hours he’d worked without pay, about how the company was still losing money, and about how he’d pay me if he could. he was really working that starving artist angle, and it was a winner, i’ll admit. i really had to hand it to the guy — he was playing the martyr/CEO duality thing to a tee, putting himself and his company before his ‘employees’ (whereas before we’d been more like partners), yet all the while playing that winning sympathy card. being a person who also values green dollar bills above all else, i could understand and relate to such a single-minded quest. so i told myself that he had won and called a forfeit on the game.”

It’s funny because it’s true. Between this and the True Porn Clerk Stories, I’m laughing so hard that I’m having a tough time getting any work done today.