Free (as in beer) press

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 18, 2002

Just went to MetaFilter today after not reading it for a month and a half. “There have been 1495 links and 41191 comments posted since your last visit.” By my extremely rough calculations**, the members of MeFi produce the equivalent of one and a half 150-page books each day.

That sound you just heard was me clicking the window close button on my browser as fast as I could. If I’m going to be reading a book and a half a day, I’m thinking something from my bookshelf would be more worth my while.

** 250 words/page X 150 pages/book = 37,500 words/book
22,661 posts/month X 80 words/post / 31 days/month = approx. 58,500 words/day

Mefi stats source: waxy.org Mefi stats (Oct 2002) and a little Perl magic by Andy to get the words/post number.