Mother Theresa "a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud"  OCT 21 2003

Mother Theresa "a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud".

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spygeek30 21 2003 9:30AM

I don't know how much is true -I don't really know anything about Mother Theresa. Hitchens just likes to piss people off, though, so I refuse to have my goat...uh..gotten?

Chuck32 21 2003 2:32PM

I had a friend from Calcutta, India who's seen MT's "clinic" and what she used to do for the poor and untouchable of his country. What he saw caused him to despise her, and what he had to say about MT made Hitchens' article look like a PR man's fluff piece.

Luke37 21 2003 4:37PM

Movable Type was beatified, huh?

Nik36 21 2003 6:36PM

And what's your take on this, Jason? Just curious :)

Glutton12 23 2003 7:12AM

I notice the article doesn't offer much in the way of sources. Like when he said that volunteers are left disillusioned, but no one bothers to give them any press. Why not you, asshole?

The first rule of politics is that if you dig enough, you can find contradictions, lies, mistakes, betrayals, and enemies aplenty for anyone.

Pecto Pah14 26 2003 5:14AM

Didn't Elton John record a song after Mother Teresta had passed away, I recall the title was something like "Sandals in the Bin"

boysen15 27 2003 3:15PM

Slate has a wonderful track record of tearing down things associated with traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs, and like spygeek said, Hitchens has a mean streak. To me, the most dangerous part is the tagline with is often the only part of the topic that many people read. They don't read the full story (context) or the opposing views (perspective).

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