Implementing mouse gestures on the web with JavaScript  NOV 21 2003

Implementing mouse gestures on the web with JavaScript.

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Nick Burka39 21 200311:39AM

Umm... I keep getting taken back to because of the way I highlight words as I read. Annoying.

pb26 21 200312:26PM

Will more than 2% of the browsing public ever use mouse gestures? Ever??

dowingba14 21 2003 1:14PM

They will when we tell them to! (By the way I think the site got kottke'd.)

jkottke32 21 2003 1:32PM

No, it was linked on Slashdot this morning. I don't get enough traffic to bring anything down.

eric03 21 2003 2:03PM

I don't get enough traffic to bring anything down

Dan43 21 2003 3:43PM

As discussed in the slashdot discussion, the potential for misuse of mouse-gestures by popup artists is huge. I should be able to disable this without having to disable *all* javascript.

dowingba00 21 200311:00PM

Mouse gestures are cool, but I think implementing them on the server-side is the wrong way to go about it. Imagine this gets big: going to different websites you'd have no idea what's gonna happen when you move your mouse innocently. I hope this doesn't catch on. Let people decide whether they want to use mouse gestures.

Simon Willison10 22 2003 1:10PM

Mouse gestures should be implemented as part of the browser, not as part of each individual website. Having them enabled for some sites and disabled for others is just plain confusing. In addition, the gestures on that site ended up intefering with the gestures I already have set up in my browser (Firebird, running gestures from ).

I'm also bemused by the completely unsupported claim that "Websites that are 'MouseGestures Enabled' are safer for viewers.". You what? If anything adding the gestures on that page to your site is a huge security hole in that the author recommends you link in an external script hosted on his site, which opens you up to cross site scripting attacks should he (or someone who cracks his server) alter the script.

dowingba45 23 2003 1:45AM

I think it's safer because you don't get tennis elbow moving your pointer allll the way over to the scroll bar. Too bad the mouse gestures seem to only cover moving to the absolute bottom or absolute top of the page...nowhere in between...and lots of people have mousewheels that make scrolling even easier than clicking and moving your mouse up-right-up-down-left-right-diagonal-down-down-right-up or whatever.

leonard03 24 2003 6:03AM

Gestures (click and drag) are definitely much more stressful than my normal method of navigation (mostly keyboard, occasionally mouse wheel for scrolling)

arto14 07 2003 7:14AM

Neat idea, but I agree that the browser is the best place to implement it.

(Besides which, it didn't work at all in Opera.)

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