Panorama of Times Square New Year's 2004  JAN 01 2004

Panorama of Times Square New Year's 2004.

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Bard Edlund41 01 200412:41PM

Spectacular. Much better than being there (although I live blocks away). Interesting note: How many white people do you see compared to other skincolors?

dtetto08 01 2004 1:08PM

Out of curiosity that's been bugging me for a long time, how do they put those together? My digicam has a panorama feature, so I understand the basic concept, but when I take panoramas there can't be any movement or the seams become quite apparent. Add to my bafflement the ability to look straight up and straight down (especially this shot). So how do you get such a perfect split second shot of Times Square, New Year's Eve? A lot of selective Photoshop healing?

dave08 01 2004 2:08PM

It's a special fisheye lens. Photo here:

!ianus keller16 02 2004 4:16AM

Jook Leung is actually very special in the way he makes his panorama's. Where most people use tripods and other aids to match the different photographs, Jook just shoots them out of his hand. The stitching work is therefore very hard and he is quite a good (and apparently fast) stitcher.

dtetto18 02 2004 5:18AM

Thanks dave and ianus -- having poked around in search of an explanation before, I now see Jook's method is entirely described had I just scrolled down a bit on the link in question (text + full screen panorama => hidden in plain sight).

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