Cory Doctorow's riff on branding and trademarks  NOV 06 2004

Cory Doctorow's riff on branding and trademarks. Trademarks went from protecting consumers to protecting brands.

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Stephen12 06 2004 2:12PM

I think you meant to use the permalink for that article, not the home page.

I find it really interesting how brands become synonymous with a product they make, sometimes because they were the first to do it, but other times because they become the most popular brand in their field. Kleenex and Google are two examples of this phenomenon

ryan18 06 2004 5:18PM

"Genericness" I believe is the legal term for that. I disagree with all of this business about the decline of branding, btw. I think the success of chains like Zara and H&M has more to do with bang for buck than lack of prestige or name value (H&M, though cheap, is still infinitely more respectable than a chain like Old Navy - and Zara is pretty far from being a no-name or "non-brand").

Aaron Sittig57 06 200410:57PM

The term I've heard is 'Genericide'.

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