Criterion Collection missteps  NOV 09 2009

Vice has a list of the ten most dubious films included in the Criterion Collection...they call them little fuck-ups.

3. The Rock - Director Michael Bay, 1996
Ugh. That's right. I failed to mention up top that there are not one, but two Michael Bay films in the Criterion Collection. It's the kind of shock-inducing information you need delivered in increments. If they wanted to include an Alcatraz movie, uh, why not Escape from Alcatraz? Perhaps Criterion felt they needed a couple of signature "explosion" films to represent the genre. But given that logic, why not throw in Every Which Way but Loose to represent the "truck driver with an orangutan sidekick" genre too?

Also, Michael Bay is doing a remake of Hitchcock's The Birds? What? WHAT??

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