Rave on, Internet  JUL 12 2011

NPR has an interesting piece on how the internet shaped the American rave scene in the 90s.

At first, the connections were done the old-fashioned way. "By 1994, there was already kind of an established network of party-throwers and partygoers [in Detroit]," says Rob Theakston, a Detroit rave veteran. "At that point, the scene was maybe 200 kids max. Everything was very phone-based. [You'd] call the phone lines the day of to get directions, and even then, a lot of the direction lines would just give the vicinity because you would already know: 'Oh, Harper and Van Dyke -- that's the old theater. We know where the party's going to be.' They wouldn't give you the exact address for the authorities to find out."

(via @moth)

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