So close, yet so far away  NOV 09 2004

[Potential Jeopardy spoilers] Ken Jennings is still ruling the airwaves on Jeopardy...he won his 69th game yesterday and has amassed a little over $2.3 million in winnings. As reported here in September, Ken's run is due to end after his 74th win. His 70th show is tonight, followed by two weeks of the college tournament ending on Nov 23. Assuming that Jeopardy does not air on Wed-Fri due to the Thanksgiving holiday** and returns to a normal schedule the next week, his final win will occur on Thu, Dec 2 and he will finally lose on Fri, Dec 3.

** If Jeopardy shows are aired over Thanksgiving, his 75th show will air on Tue, Nov 30 instead. That's the earliest the show would air if you're determined not to miss it. I'm sure we'll know more about the exact scheduling as the end of the month approaches and I'll let you know when I know.

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