Fun little Flash game, kind of a  JUL 11 2005

Fun little Flash game, kind of a chain reaction Missile Command. My high score so far is 133 (49 on an individual screen). You?

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Jay05 11 200512:05PM

124 (47) - took me a while to realize if I was a little more patient about setting off that first explosion, I'd score better.

Steven18 11 200512:18PM

124 (43) - addicting, but very little skill involved, really.

AJ39 11 200512:39PM

133 (49) with a note MIRACLE! after that game. Cool.

Steve39 11 200512:39PM

117(45)- Nice little time vacuum...

GurnB41 11 200512:41PM

126 (39,42,45) -Ahh The Internet, Is there anything it can't do?

rodrigo (strikter)42 11 200512:42PM

111(44) - got tired of it quickly.

AJ45 11 200512:45PM

Just nailed a 138 (49).

Dan01 11 2005 1:01PM

112 (46). It's fun as hell though.

dave12 11 2005 1:12PM

135 (47,47,41) Miracle

Joseph Scott48 11 2005 1:48PM

138 (47, 47, 44). Neat idea for a simple game.

pottedplant38 11 2005 3:38PM

121 (49)

Ray01 11 2005 5:01PM

122 (48). First run was 45, but third run stank at 29...

Piers21 11 200510:21PM

123 (49). I think it's less about skill than you'd think. I seem to be getting worse the more I play it.

regan wright56 12 2005 3:56AM

126 (50). I scored the perfect game at least three times, but was ever so inconsistent for the combined score. So i'll just hang my hat on scoring 50 three times and leave it at that.

Jameson32 12 2005 8:32PM

134 (43,45,46) It may not require much skill, but strategy and patience are critical. And its simplicity and randomness make it hyper-addictive! It's amazing how the same approach can sometimes net you 48 on one round and then 6 on the next.

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