Ah, summer  OCT 17 2005

Well, summer is definitely over in the eastern United States. The leaves on the trees are going or gone, sweaters and light jackets have started making their appearance, and everyone is sick of tomatoes but drinking apple cider by the gallon. As a goodbye to a great summer, here are a few photos I took over the last few months:

Summer 2005

The above photo was taken near the end of the summer on Nantucket, just before sunset.

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Justin43 17 2005 2:43PM

Good photos. Thanks for sharing.

scott44 17 2005 2:44PM

Great set of photos. A prefect way to remember Summer. BTW - this shot is boderline "Steely Dan - Two Aginst Nature" album cover.

Piers52 17 2005 2:52PM

Summer is just arriving in the Southern hemisphere! Today I didn't put a shirt on until well after sunset. The flowers are blooming, new fruit and vegetables are in season and I can sit outside at cafes! But best of all, the skirts are getting shorter, the sleeves are disappearing and the cardigans are being left at home. If I could afford it, I'd have a house in the Northern hemisphere, a house in the Southern, and I would avoid Winter altogether.

Piers53 17 2005 2:53PM

Those are some fantastic photos, by the way.

Gilbert Lee02 17 2005 3:02PM

Beautiful. Why live in the city? The country is richer.

lia17 17 2005 3:17PM

Why live in the city?

Cheap fast tasty delivery and not needing a car to get around is what does it for me. Lovely photos, Jason!

Jynnan Tonnyx24 17 2005 3:24PM

Jason Kottke, you're photos are quite mediocre, really. Straight out of Catch-22.

Spare us.

Further: please, please, please: update kottke.org more often.

Ryan12 17 2005 4:12PM

Nice pics. I feel it too; summer is gone. This is precisely why I'm making a mad dash south, to warmer climates.

susie44 17 2005 4:44PM

Terrific pics! It is still summer here in Atlanta but not for long.

Shawn Lea02 17 2005 5:02PM

Neat picture...I've always been fascinated by shadows. And taking a picture of one is much harder than you would think, I know from experience.

Slippy Jenkins02 17 2005 5:02PM


Brock06 17 2005 5:06PM

That reminds me, we're out of cider again. I love October in New York.

tien13 17 2005 6:13PM

are you wearing capri pants?

Matt19 17 2005 6:19PM

Nice images. Are they shot with a D70?

jkottke35 17 2005 6:35PM

are you wearing capri pants?

Obviously. I'm doing all my shopping these days at Gap circa 2000.

Are they shot with a D70?

Yes indeed. Love that damn camera.

donald52 17 2005 6:52PM

I'll second that the shot looks familiar

Really, who hasn't taken that photo?

Alex Dorph08 17 2005 7:08PM

:) Great page, great images.


Robert J Bingaman02 17 2005 8:02PM

Some of those were good, and many were nice. Hay is dead grass.

Martin22 17 2005 8:22PM

Goodbye summer, welcome Fall! Football, Hockey, Halloween, oktoberfest, etc, isn’t it great?

j03 17 2005 9:03PM

The emperor has no clothes, just saying.

Cheap fast tasty delivery and not needing a car to get around is what does it for me.

Yep your local chinese is more wonderful than veggies grown right outside your door, huh? And do you think the country is full of cars? Ha. City people are so short-sighted (funny too).

Artem10 17 2005 9:10PM

All the pictures are good, but two really grabbed my attention:
"Kayaks" and amd "Turning"
Well done.

eas22 17 2005 9:22PM

This morning in Seattle it really hit me just how over summer is. I opened the blind in my office at ~10:00am and it was so dim outside. The clouds weren't even heavy, and we still have two months until the winter solstice, still, it was no brighter than it would be just before sunrise on a summer morning.

On the other hand, last night the sun slipped out under the clouds an hour or so before sunset and it created the most amazing lite. Everything glowed like it was soaked in liquid gold.

Drew18 18 2005 5:18AM

You know, there once was a girl from Nantucket...

Your photos are a good reminder, I need to get out of this city of mine and back to some nature.

Reine22 18 2005 5:22AM

I especially liked the last one, "Falling". Thanks for sharing. Summer is definitely over in the west coast of Sweden too. Today I experienced the autumn's first sub-zero morning.

Myke55 18 2005 1:55PM

Summer is not over in the south east yet buddy ol' pal. Nice photos. Makes me miss being in Maine during Fall.

paul26 20 2005 2:26PM

Hmm.. the perspective is the same as The Beatle's Abbey Road cover art.

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