Liveblogging the Oscars  FEB 24 2008

Just a heads up to let you know that a liveblog of the Oscars is going to be starting here in a little bit. Follow along as I follow along, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

7:44a, Feb 25th: The Oscars are over. 20% of the nominees won. The cat threw up on the rug and Ollie's a bit fussy this morning. We'll see you back here next year.

11:42p: Bedtime. Last update until tomorrow morning, when I assume the Oscar ceremony will finally be over.

11:06p: None of the stories on the front page of Digg refer to the Oscars. Unsurprising that they have their heads in the sand on such an important issue.

10:47p: BREAKING NEWS: The program on ESPN2 right now is not Fisting; it's Fishing. Fishing. Also, 1363 unread items in my RSS reader.

10:28p: Fashion update. Just took off my shirt. It's hot in here, it's not just me.

10:08p: Battery life at 31% and dropping.

10:00p: Just checked the movie times at the theater two blocks from my apartment. Juno at 10:50, There Will Be Blood at 10:20, Atonement at 10:30, and No Country for Old Men at 10:15 & 10:55. Michael Clayton is on Movies OnDemand for $4.99 at any time.

9:32p: Is this a good time to go to the movies? Lots of empty seats at There Will Be Blood maybe?

9:07p: My liveblogging outfit this evening: jeans by Banana Republic, long sleeve tshirt by American Apparel, socks by Wal-Mart, boxer shorts by Muji.

8:55p: What else is on right now: The Mummy on Encore, Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Fox Movie Channel, Miller's Crossing on Encore Action, The Departed on Cinemax, episode #8 of The Wire on HBO, the Masterpiece version of Pride and Prejudice on PBS, Bulls vs. Rockets on ESPN, Godfather II on AMC, and Born Into Brothels is just ending on IFC but Spanking the Monkey starts in 20 minutes.

8:43p: Non-ceremonial bulletin: I've turned on the comments.

8:34p: I'm told that the ceremony has started.

7:58p: The Oscars have not started yet.

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There are 56 reader comments

courtney45 24 2008 8:45PM

i miss billy crystal.

BG46 24 2008 8:46PM

I heard there's been a winner crowned already. More to come, I'm sure.

Alan46 24 2008 8:46PM

This is more enthralling than the ceremony itself so far.

Josh53 24 2008 8:53PM

Did he say "shit"?

th0m55 24 2008 8:55PM

steve carrall said shit. hehe

randy55 24 2008 8:55PM

I especially like the iPhone plug.

Matt Elliott55 24 2008 8:55PM

Taking into considering SNL last night and the first half hour of this show, I still have seen no evidence that the writer's strike is, in fact, over.

yaffle58 24 2008 8:58PM

Persepolis was robbed!

Alan58 24 2008 8:58PM

Can we have someone at the mic who doesn't look like they're going to be sick?

adam59 24 2008 8:59PM

i am so switching to miller's crossing.

Marco59 24 2008 8:59PM

Brad Bird finally gets his Oscar for The Iron Giant...

Stefan Hayden59 24 2008 8:59PM

Man I love Jon Stewart

adam01 24 2008 9:01PM

Oooh! Hang 'em High on Hallmark! I never made it to Encore Action...

th0m04 24 2008 9:04PM

c'mon hal holbrook ... only fletch lives star i think nominated this year

Simon G.05 24 2008 9:05PM

The only way I can handle the Oscars is if the show is filtered through you. And no need for a television, yet another reason to love the internet. Thank you for stripping down a sprawling program to its essence.

alesh08 24 2008 9:08PM

wow... liveblogging not watching the oscars.

Alan11 24 2008 9:11PM

This just in: Kottke not freeballing the liveblogging.

Anton11 24 2008 9:11PM

Props on the American Apparel T. I love the way their shirts fit.

Have they given out the Oscar for Best Song yet? Did "Once" win? Best low-budget movie ever.

Tim11 24 2008 9:11PM

Ratatouille should have been nominated for best picture.

mn13 24 2008 9:13PM

Cris Rock is on Comedy Central.

th0m26 24 2008 9:26PM

why do the oscars have to be funny? i guess it would really suck non-funny, but maybe more winners could say more, i dunno

Adam Hyland31 24 2008 9:31PM


Because if it wasn't funny, it would have to be Lord of the rings or Lawrence of Arabia. It's in the guild rules. Trust me...somewhere in the back...

c53 24 2008 9:53PM

don't forget what else is on right now: Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo on TBS.

Alan19 24 200810:19PM

Playing some Wii. Now there's an idea.

Charles19 24 200810:19PM

Too funny. Love what you're doing with the concept of live blogging.

Anton21 24 200810:21PM

YES! The Glen and Marketa performance just made my night.

th0m23 24 200810:23PM

good to see wikipedia is right there for the vandals: Best Supporting Actor sillyness... on a lighter note, this song playing now is really great... Falling Slowly from Once. Cool to see the orchestra pit under the stage, for sure.

Josh39 24 200810:39PM

Gotta like the casual reference to "Hitch".

rick45 24 200810:45PM

I almost walked out of juno when i saw it in the theater

the dialogue is some of the most forced and annoying ever on a movie screen. i mean the writer’s pen name is diablo cody so you know she makes some seriously over tought / bad decisions.

i’m totally done with this ‘quirky’ genre of film, damn you wes anderson, see what you’ve done? damn you and your clever use of music, and characters that wear uniforms, and your questioning of ‘what makes a family anyway’, and the all rest of it, i’m done with you and all your sorry ass imitators.

if juno wins the best picture i promise now to never watch the oscars again for the rest of my life.

Stefan Hayden49 24 200810:49PM

juno is almost my favorite movie ever.

...tom...58 24 200810:58PM

Also, 1363 unread items in my RSS reader.

Hmmm. I wonder how many fewer I would have if I removed kottke dot org from my feeds..??

Thank gawd for the comments...



Anton59 24 200810:59PM

Once just won the oscar for Best Original Song, made me SO happy. I can't believe they turned the mic off before Marketa could speak though!

Jon C18 24 200811:18PM

Allowing Marketa to come back and give her acceptance speech was great.

rustyb32 24 200811:32PM

Haw haw--Diablo Cody won for best original screenplay!

Stefan Hayden38 24 200811:38PM

I'm so glad for Diablo!

taylor40 24 200811:40PM

At this point I'm assuming that you've turned off the TV and gone to bed....

Stefan Hayden46 24 200811:46PM

for the most part it seems to be running on time. I think it's a symptom of not having time to write much time to write anything.

Anton00 25 200812:00AM

That was so great that they let Marketa come back and give her speech!

Mass behavior12 25 200812:12AM

You're a double Libra with Virgo Rising.

Oscar aint got on no underpants

Paul16 25 200812:16AM

Mission Impossible Theme at the end? Why was that?

Jay21 25 2008 1:21AM

Jason's coverage was funnier than John Stewart's. Aside from Diablo Cody winning did anyone find the show to pretty bland? Did the Coen Brothers take arrogant sedatives before winning the director and best picture awards? I don't know why I bothered watching.

Kent22 25 2008 1:22AM

Paul, because of the Mission Impossible theme is awesome. The more relevant question is why more shows don't culminate with it.

Kent26 25 2008 1:26AM

This live blogging was awful. Mostly non sequiturs, barely any commentary about what was going on. Congratulations to the Coen brothers. "No Country for Old Men" won four Oscars tonight!

Matt36 25 2008 2:36AM

Kent, I believe this liveblogging was meant to be awful.

vanderleun38 25 2008 3:38AM

Kent you are one miserable reader. Stick with movies. The written word is obviously too much for you.

Kent03 25 2008 4:03AM

I drink your milkshake!

Ray50 25 2008 4:50AM

Muji boxers are the business.

Chaubunagungamaugg52 25 2008 7:52AM

Why Digg? Reddit is more intelligible.

greg.org06 25 2008 8:06AM

1) hello daddy, you paid too much for your muji boxer shorts
2) letting that chick from that one song from that one movie come back and give her speech is like the only spark of humanity in the entire show. I have a feeling it was stewart's idea.
3) the show gave me a chance to clear my rss reader, i'd like to thank the academy

JT50 25 200810:50AM

I feel bad for PT. What more could he have possibly done to deserve best director or best movie?

I loved No Country. Beautiful and any other year I would say it has to win, but not this year. There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece. The Cohen brothers can crank out movies like NoCo again and again, and they will. I think this is PT's magnus opus. I don't know how he could do better.

Poor fella.

Wirthy36 25 200811:36AM

I think that damn Travolta was wearing Wal-mart socks too.

mark04 25 2008 1:04PM

"I feel bad for PT. What more could he have possibly done to deserve best director or best movie?"

How about actually write the best movie of the year? No Country was simply better. Though both should have filed protests if Juno had won.

debbie millman18 25 2008 1:18PM

This post is, by far and away, the best coverage of the Oscars on the Internet. Thank you.

Marmy29 25 2008 1:29PM

It was the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice on Masterpiece on PBS, not the Masterpiece version...

Jess15 25 2008 3:15PM

Jason Kottke, you are forever giving me new and better reasons to read your blog. Thanks.

JT: I think it might be something of an honor to be overlooked by the Oscars. "Best Picture" doesn't always actually mean the best picture, historically speaking.

Curtis15 25 2008 5:15PM

Diablo's garment was just so tastelessly venereal; she looked more like Diablo Cootie.

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