Photos of the new fall menu at  OCT 20 2005

Photos of the new fall menu at Alinea in Chicago, helmed by chef Grant Achatz. Looks weird, decadent, and delicious. (via afb)

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david28 20 2005 5:28PM

actually looks like they are trying too hard

msippey41 20 2005 5:41PM

now i'm really bummed. a couple of friends of mine are involved in alinea, and i had a chance to go when i was in chicago last june. but we couldn't because of kids with ear infections. damn you, ear infections!

brent27 20 2005 6:27PM

You know, I hate to be a yokel, but how is "Alinea" pronouced?

Chris53 20 2005 6:53PM

It's all so foamy.

Erinn29 20 2005 7:29PM

Well, I'm no expert on the acutal restaurant, but alinea is a word in French (which I speak) which is pronounced: ah-lee-nay-ah.

barnes44 20 2005 8:44PM

Photos of the new spring menu will be taken by electron microscope!

ed46 20 2005 9:46PM

it's pronounced ah-LIN-ee-uh. at least that's how they say it when they answer the phone..

TokenMormon06 20 200510:06PM

The disparity between the rich and the poor in this country is a hell of a thing. A hell of a thing.

nakedgremlin35 21 200510:35AM

Made reservations for the wrong week last time when I was in the Chicago area. Regretted it ever since. Sigh.

hocusfocus17 21 2005 2:17PM

From a friend: "One of those photos looks like it has two gonads sitting on the plate, one standing up, the other on its side! America, as a culture or culinary civilization has come to the edge and we are poised to jump the shark!"

Steve16 21 2005 5:16PM

Give me a break.

dan28 25 2005 9:28PM

Is that food?

chef jason baker14 01 200510:14AM

why not ?

jason baker38 02 200510:38AM

what kind of leaves do you burn?

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