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How to find Waldo with MathematicaMar 21 2012

Someone asked on Stack Overflow how one might go about finding Waldo using Mathematica and someone replied with a solution.

Here's Waldo

(via mlkshk)

Exploring logo designs with MathematicaFeb 27 2009

This post on the Wolfram blog about using Mathematica to play around with logo designs provides a tantalzing glimpse into how useful the program could be as a graphic design tool.

Take a logo as simple as the Mercedes-Benz star. Just three points framed by a circle, its geometry is easily described in a few lines of Mathematica code, with some obvious parameters controlling the number of points on the star, the sharpness of the star's points, the thickness of the outer circle, and the orientation of the star.

Paging Joshua Davis. (via waxy)

Mathematica's new image processing toolsDec 03 2008

The new version of Mathematica does all sorts of cool image and video processing...you can just drag and drop images into your code to manipulate them. In my imagination, this seems like what one gets to do at Pixar all day. (via waxy)

O'Reilly Media and Wolfram Research are goingFeb 20 2008

O'Reilly Media and Wolfram Research are going to be collaborating on a web version of Mathematica.

Called "Hilbert" after the influential German mathematician, David Hilbert, the newly licensed software will be browser accessible and, utilizing AJAX technologies, will emulate the desktop version of the software with remarkable fidelity. "The magic of AJAX will allow OST to combine or 'mash-up' Mathematica with other web-based technologies to deliver and support high quality science and mathematics courses online such as the Calculus&Mathematica courses currently taught through NetMath at the University of Illinois and other universities," explains Scott Gray, Director of the O'Reilly School of Technology.

Hilbert should be available before the end of the year.

The Wolfram Integrator uses a web versionAug 15 2006

The Wolfram Integrator uses a web version of Mathematica to find integrals of functions. We used Mathematica a lot in college to help visualize examples from math and physics classes. (via rw)

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