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Transcendent ManApr 30 2009

The trailer for Transcendent Man, a documentary film about Ray Kurzweil that's based on his book, The Singularity is Near. You may recall that Kurzweil plans to never die.

Update: Two reviews: Transcendent Man Wows At Tribeca Film Festival Premier and Film About Kurzweil Gets Two Nano-Enhanced Cyberthumbs Up. (thx, david)

Profile of Ray Kurzweil on the occasionNov 29 2005

Profile of Ray Kurzweil on the occasion of the publication of his latest book, The Singularity is Near. "This individualistic, mechanistic ethos, his critics argue, also blurs Kurzweil's predictive power, because it ignores all the ways in which technologies are bounded by social forces." Gotta love his quest for immortality though.

Two of the biggest pessimists in theOct 17 2005

Two of the biggest pessimists in the business, Bill Joy and Ray Kurzweil, outline their case for not releasing the genome for the 1918 influenza virus. "The genome is essentially the design of a weapon of mass destruction. No responsible scientist would advocate publishing precise designs for an atomic bomb, and in two ways revealing the sequence for the flu virus is even more dangerous."

Kurzweil's new book on the singularity isSep 21 2005

Kurzweil's new book on the singularity is out at the end of the month. It's a sequel to the excellent The Age of Spiritual Machines. "By 2045, we'll get to a point where technical progress will be so fast that unenhanced human intelligence will be unable to follow it".

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