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Damn nature, you scary!Aug 25 2009

I almost wet my pants laughing the other night watching this little bit on Family Guy:

Real-life Family GuyJul 07 2008

Video of actors doing the voices for The Family Guy. High levels of dissonance may occur while watching Mike Henry doing the Cleveland voice at the end.

Cynical-C shares some of the more interestingJan 31 2008

Cynical-C shares some of the more interesting complaints received by the FCC about television programming. One viewer complains about The Family Guy:

The show has no redeeming/moral value what so ever. The show actually had the gall to show GOD in bed with a young woman ready to have sexual intercourse and the dialogue to go with that event, including the use of condoms. They also had Jesus and his earthly father Joseph having an argument. Along with portraying the total disrespect of family values Stewie hitting his mother, the father and son ganging up on the wife/mother, there was also a male sexual predator in this episode as well.; The whole show was quite revolting. It should be taken off the air.

Video comparing sequences from Family Guy thatMay 07 2007

Video comparing sequences from Family Guy that mirror earlier sequences from The Simpsons. (via cyn-c)

Pilot episode of the Family Guy. "DaddySep 22 2006

Pilot episode of the Family Guy. "Daddy only drank so the Statue of Liberty would take her clothes off..."

Ironic Sans has an ongoing series ofApr 17 2006

Ironic Sans has an ongoing series of posts about animated Manhattan; that is, depictions of Manhattan in animated films and shows. So far he's covered The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Tom & Jerry.

Video clip of Family Guy nude sceneJan 24 2006

Video clip of a nude scene from Family Guy that was apparently created as an in-house joke. NSFW, unless your job is watching cartoon porn.

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