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Speedometer designNov 01 2011

A collection of Chevy speedometer designs. My favorite is this one, from the 1970 Nova:

Speedometer design

My dad had a bunch of different cars when I was growing up and I remember staring at this particular speedometer for hours...I loved the way the numbers scrunched together in the middle. (via ★vuokko)

More on the craptacular "Our Country" ChevroletOct 31 2006

More on the craptacular "Our Country" Chevrolet commercials. The new ones, not mentioned in this article or on Slate, with images of exclusively white, male, heterosexual truck lovers, are possibly even worse. "This is our country...no chicks, homos, Mexicans, or black people welcome."

Screw Chevy: "It's not OK to useOct 09 2006

Screw Chevy: "It's not OK to use images of Rosa Parks, MLK, the Vietnam War, the Katrina disaster, and 9/11 to sell pickup trucks."

Update: In a hamfisted tribute on the occasion of her death, Apple posted a Rosa Parks "Think Different" ad on their home page. (thx, mark)

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