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Generational warfare in the 2010s: :) vs :-)Sep 20 2012

According to research done by Stanford University's Tyler Schnoebelen, the type of smiley you use is determined in part by your age.

Emoticons with noses are historically older. Since it is words that unite and distinguish clusters, this means that people who use old-fashion noses also use a different vocabulary -- nose users don't mention Bieber or omg.

I am obviously a non-noser because I am down, as we kids say, with Beibler and Carly Mae and Gandgum Style and Skillet. :) (via the atlantic)

A story told in emoticonsOct 29 2008

Rives shares a typographic fairy tale in three minutes. It's a O}-

Japan's top 30 emoticons. (via andre)Feb 26 2007

Japan's top 30 emoticons. (via andre)

Why online text-only communication is so problematic:Feb 14 2006

Why online text-only communication is so problematic: interpretation of tone in email is successful only about half the time but we think we're 90% successful. No word on how emoticons affect interpretation success. ;) ;)

Pumpkin carved with winky emoticon ;) Awesome.Oct 31 2005

Pumpkin carved with winky emoticon ;) Awesome.

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