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A pair of links about Ira GlassFeb 04 2009

The first is a three-part manifesto from 2004 about how he got his start in radio, how to effectively tell stories, and how to realize when your story isn't working.

Force yourself to do a lot of stories. This is the most important thing you can do. Get yourself in a situation where people are expecting work out of you, or where you simply force yourself to do a certain number of stories every month. Turn the stuff out. Deadlines are your friend.

The Gel Conference just posted a video of Glass speaking at the 2007 conference in which he "describes the elements of a good story".

Ira Glass, storytellingMay 29 2008

A good, concise pep talk from Ira Glass, about sticking with your creative endeavors. He's talking specifically about story telling, but it really goes for anything you want to pursue seriously. Except math. If you're still not good at math at 28, just give up already. (via mot cot)

Four short videos in which Ira GlassMar 02 2007

Four short videos in which Ira Glass talks about the art of storytelling.

Ira Glass and This American Life haveApr 24 2006

Ira Glass and This American Life have moved to NYC...and they're making a TV version of the show for Showtime.

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