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Some people are so addicted to email,Feb 03 2006

Some people are so addicted to email, work, and their Crackberries that they're upgrading their bathrooms with features like TV mirrors and waterproof computers. Grab the folding chairs....it's intervention time!

When dealing with information sent to themAug 25 2005

When dealing with information sent to them on mobile devices like the Blackberry, people tend to not read anything that closely and seem to take the information less seriously. Like Matt and Foe, I've noticed this...but with blogs and (especially) newsreaders. Having 1000s of unread items to deal with per day would tend to diminish the value of individual blog posts, n'est pas? I wonder if this is partially what Gladwell is getting at with his upcoming NYer festival talk, The American Obsession with Precociousness, Learning quickly versus learning well...

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