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Traditional-style woodblock prints of video game charactersAug 16 2012

Illustrator Jed Henry takes video game characters and draws them in the style of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Here, for example, is Mario Kart:

Mario Kart Woodblock

If that tickles your fancy, Henry is collaborating with woodblock printmaker David Bull to make actual woodblock prints that are available via Kickstarter.

Real life Mario KartDec 08 2008

Awesome real life Mario Kart by urban prankster Remi Gaillard. (via waxy)

Drunken Mario KartAug 20 2008

Is Mario Kart any easier while drunk? Actually yes, although they only went to .08 BAC...I'd like to see the results at .20.

Mario Kart in JavaScriptJun 16 2008

Mario Kart in JavaScript.

A graph that perfectly describes my profanity usage from yesterday.Apr 29 2008

A graph that perfectly describes my profanity usage from yesterday.

Mario Kart Wii out soonMar 27 2008

Mario Kart Wii will be out in the US on April 27!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why so many exclamation points? Feast thine eyes on this:

This game has been announced as supporting the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. This will feature online racing and battle modes, both of which are capable of up to 12 simultaneous players. It has also been confirmed that there will be online leagues, with international and local rankings. This will take place from within an entirely separate Wii Channel. This channel will also feature the option of sending saved time-trial ghost data.

IGN has several videos for your online viewing pleasure.

New trailer for Speed Racer...watch itMar 16 2008

New trailer for Speed Racer...watch it in full HD glory if your internet connection can take it. The courses remind me even more of Mario Kart than in the first trailer.

Now that the trippy stills have whettedDec 07 2007

Now that the trippy stills have whetted your appetite, feast your eyes on the trailer for Speed Racer, in freaking HD no less. The race courses remind me of those in Mario Kart: Double Dash, particularly Rainbow Road, Dry Dry Desert, and especially Wario Colosseum. (thx, askedrelic)

Best animated gif everMar 04 2007

The best animated gif ever created, I reckon. A tour de force. (thx, alaina)

An imperfect metaphor many of you probably won't getNov 16 2006

Driving on the Interstate through the metropolitan tri-state area during a 1.5 hour downpour is like playing 700 continuous laps of Baby Park against 7 other players. I'm beat. (ps. It's a simile anyway.)

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