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Hot! Origami! Capillary! Action!May 19 2011

Watch as pieces of micro-origami unfold on water through capillary action.

(via constant seige)

Origami alphabetsJun 07 2010

This is the origami alphabet:

origami alphabet

When a piece of paper is folded according to these directions, a 3-D extrusion of the alphabet will result. The alphabet's creators have also devised an alphabet made by the hinged dissection of a square.

Origami documentaryDec 10 2009

Between the Folds is a documentary about people who really really like origami.

Between the Folds chronicles the stories of ten fine artists and intrepid theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard-earned graduate degrees -- all to forge unconventional lives as modern-day paperfolders.

Kevin Kelly gave it a rave review on True Films and it's showing on PBS's Independent Lens this month.

Paper airplanes in spaceDec 09 2008

Next year, the Japanese space agency is planning to throw paper airplanes (aka origami space shuttles) from the International Space Station with the hope that they will make it to earth intact.

It is yet to be decided whether Wakata himself will throw the paper planes or whether he will use the space station's robotic arm.

The planes are made from sugar cane fiber paper treated to withstand high temperatures and strong winds. (via waxy no idea where I got this)

Update: The launch of the origami planes has been scrubbed. (thx, edieraye)

For your fun office lunchtime activity: aJun 01 2007

For your fun office lunchtime activity: a bunch of tips, folding instructions, and paper patterns for making sweet paper airplanes.

Microscopic auto-origami. Just add water! (And they fold right up.)Apr 12 2007

Microscopic auto-origami. Just add water! (And they fold right up.)

Edible origami cranes made out of wontonMar 28 2007

Edible origami cranes made out of wonton wrappers and deep-fried. Includes how-to instructions.

Regarding Susan Orlean's piece on Robert LangFeb 27 2007

Regarding Susan Orlean's piece on Robert Lang and origami from a couple of weeks ago, the New Yorker has posted a 5-minute audio slideshow of Orlean talking about the piece.

How to make X-wing fighters (from StarSep 20 2005

How to make X-wing fighters (from Star Wars) out of Paris Metro tickets. I gotta try this...I've got about a zillion of these laying around because they make great bookmarks.

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